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Brooke Box

Author of Relationsh*t,

Speaker + Coach 

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About Brooke

Brooke Box is a proud survivor of an amicable divorce. Based on her divorce experience and the advice of many friends, colleagues and even strangers, she’s written Relationsh*t to assist people going through one of the most difficult life changes. She attributes her divorce success, in part, to a decades-long love affair with personal growth and development. She is a huge fan of therapy. 


Brooke’s approach to life is honest, direct and straightforward, and this book is no different. Brooke takes her experience and outlines an alternative approach to divorce that will empower and motivate her readers. Brooke believes we all deserve a life of our dreams and that we have the potential to create that life ourselves. That’s why she wrote this book and is dedicated to creating a community where people know they’re not alone, where they can get un-stuck, where they can release the fear, and start building the life they’ve always dreamed of. 


Before writing this book, Brooke enjoyed a successful sales career in a variety of industries such as tech, music, fashion and sports. She loves to travel, is a french fry connoisseur and will stop anywhere for a margarita. You can find Brooke in Texas, typically surrounded by family and friends.

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