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Bestselling Book: Relationsh*t: A Practical Guide to Stepping Out of Fear, Navigating Big Relationship Change, and Living Your Best Life

Are you contemplating a divorce?

Tired of the stereotypes of screaming matches, lengthy courtroom battles, and astronomical legal bills?

Look no further than the bestselling book, Relationsh*t: A Practical Guide to Stepping Out of Fear, Navigating Big Relationship Change, and Living Your Best Life, a groundbreaking book that will change how you think about divorce forever.

Do You Wish Life Came With a Guidebook?

Especially During a Divorce?

Welcome to a journey of transformation and hope.


Many of us go through life wishing for a manual, a guidebook that helps us navigate its complex chapters. This need becomes even more pronounced when faced with life-altering events like a divorce. 


I know this all too well – during my own divorce, I found myself wishing for just such a guide. So, I decided to create it.


Introducing my new book: a compact guide with a profoundly big message.

"Divorce Doesn’t Have to Mean War."

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This book is born from a simple yet powerful belief:
Two people can part ways AND sort out their lives amicably.

You have the courage within you to navigate this major relationship change. This book is here to help light the way. It’s not just about the legalities or the logistics – it's about the human side of divorce, the emotional journey, and the strength it takes to rebuild.


Let's redefine the narrative around divorce. Let's approach it not as a battleground but as a path to a new beginning, a chance to reshape our lives with dignity and grace.

Are you navigating the choppy waters of a divorce or separation? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the emotional and practical complexities that this change brings?

 If so, this book is crafted especially for you.

This book is for:

  • Individuals at the Crossroads: If you're on the brink of making a life-altering decision about your marriage and looking for guidance and support, this book is a beacon in the fog.

  • Those Seeking an Amicable Separation: For anyone who believes in parting ways respectfully and desires a roadmap for a peaceful, dignified process.

  • Courageous Change-Makers: If you're determined to break the mold of traditional contentious divorces and want to approach this transition with empathy and understanding, this guide is your ally.

  • Friends and Family: It’s also for the support network – friends and family who want to offer meaningful support but might not know how.

  • Professionals in the Field: Therapists, counselors, and legal professionals will find valuable insights to aid their clients through a more constructive and less traumatic divorce process.

This book is more than just a guide; it's a companion for those who believe in handling one of life’s most challenging transitions with grace, kindness, and strength. It's for anyone who wants to emerge from the experience with their dignity intact and a positive outlook on the future.


This journey towards a harmonious and respectful conclusion begins right here, interspersed with humorous, relatable anecdotes from my own experiences. 




Each story, each lesson in this book serves as a gentle reminder: "Life is tough, darling, but so are you." Let these pages not only guide you but also bring a smile to your face, as you rediscover your strength and resilience on this journey.

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